Good advice on maintaining your roof.

Whether you own or maintain a domestic, commercial or industrial property the cost of replacing your roof prematurely is always going to be more than maintaining it. The maintenance of roofs is important and in this article we will set aside some of the myths and discuss major dos and don’ts of roofing.

Inspect Your Roof

To maintain the durability of your roof and address any problems before they cause more significant structural damage to your building, inspect your roof regularly. Look for anything unusual or irregular, mould, mildew, pooled water or visible damage. It is safer to do this from the ground than to attempt climbing on your roof, not only is it dangerous but climbing on your roof can damage it. We can come out and inspect your roof with our drone and send you a roof report with photos.

Do Not Power Wash

A common roof cleaning misconception is that power washers are a good idea. Generally speaking power washers have the potential to cause more damage than they clean. They run at such pressure that they can strip microscopic and transparent protective layers and additionally they can drive water into crevices and fittings. While this might leave your roof looking great, using a pressure washer can create a pathway for future problems to develop.

If you do need to clean your roof, there are specialist roof cleaning products available but it is usually a better idea to hire a qualified professional to make sure the job is done right first time around. The added bonus of hiring a professional is that they can give you an appraisal of any other roofing issues that might need attention.

Remove Debris

Leaves, branches and other debris should be removed from your roof at your earliest convenience. Blocked guttering can cause a multitude of problems including pooling. Pooling in gutters creates excess weight that will wear down on the structural integrity of the roof over time. Additional organic and non-organic debris can accumulate moisture and lead to the propagation of mould. Be particularly wary of valleys in roofing between two joining slopes as debris here can lead to pooling during storms that increases the likelihood of water finding a way through your roof.

Fix Problems Early

The cost of re-roofing is usually going to be greater than the cost of repairs unless you have several problems. It is worth considering re-roofing if you do have an old roof with lots of problems but it is better to let an expert make this assessment. Some roofing problems can be fixed relatively cheaply, but all roofing problems run the risk of developing into more serious problems if they are not dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

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