High and Dry Roofing Services

High and Dry provide a wide range of roofing services to meet the requirements of all customers. We care about your property and want to help you improve and protect your investment. We think outside the box and are able to tailor a solution to exceed your expectations; first time, every time.

We pride ourselves in being contactable and will happily come visit your home, free of charge.

New Roof

Domestic New Roofing Services

We use long-run Iron Roofing COLORSTEEL® or Zincalume because this product has proven to help to maintain the structural integrity of the building.

We work alongside major Building Companies, Construction Companies, Private Builders and Individuals. Quoting the roofing, cladding and spouting costs, and discussing options.

Various products are available to augment the look of your new build. These include; Long-run COLORSTEEL® or Zincalume in Corrugated, Trapezoidal or Tray profiles. We also offer the installation of Butynol Rubber membrane in Black or Dove Grey (other colours are available)

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Domestic Re-Roofing Services

No matter what your needs, leaky roof, alterations or a complete roof replacement, we get in front of it to provide you the best solution.

Working with your Architect, Builder, Construction Company or with you personally, we can quote Long-run COLORSTEEL® or Butynol, Wall Cladding and Spouting for your re-roof project. We also offer advice on the various products available.

Stripping of the existing roof whether its iron or old concrete/clay tiles, removal of rubbish, installing Longrun COLORSTEEL®, Butynol and spouting where required – this is all part of our service.

When the existing roof is old concrete/clay tiles, we can install new battens or purlins for Longrun COLORSTEEL®. These are fixed on with screws and galvanised nails.

With every re-roof we clean your spouting out.

New Roofing Christchurch

Commercial Roofing Christchurch

Commercial Roofing Services

Working with Builders and Construction companies on new builds, re-roofs and repairs mainly on small to medium size buildings.

Installation of straight vane vents, which are designed for commercial or industrial buildings. Every industrial building large or small needs to keep air circulating and keep temperatures to a comfortable level. These ventilators are an effective and reliable maintenance free ventilation solution, using only the power of the wind to extract stale air and allow fresh air to circulate.

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Spouting & Fascia

Fascia and Spouting installation are part of our total installation package for major Building Companies, Construction Companies, Private Builders and Individuals. We also retro fit new spouting to existing homes or buildings being altered.

Various profiles are available as are a full colour range from Zincalume through all COLORSTEEL® colours and Copper. We can offer a choice of PVC, COLORSTEEL® or Copper downpipes either round or rectangular.

On a new build spouting is generally combined with a metal Fascia, but can be installed on timber.

We can also quote for snow Straps and Gutter Guard.

Spouting Christchurch

Asbestos removal Christchurch

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos roofing has suffered significantly in the greater Christchurch regions because of earthquake damage. It is important to use experienced contractors when removing asbestos.

Stripping of asbestos must be carried out carefully. For disposal, it must be wrapped and bagged. Asbestos can only be disposed of at the appropriate Council Waste Sites.

We use only professional certified Asbestos Removalists to complete these jobs.

Wall Cladding

Kiwis have embraced the concept of cladding their homes or other buildings in metal. In many instances, this is Corrugated Iron or a similar product, offering a variety of profile choices.

We can discuss your requirements, offer a free quote and have our qualified contractors install the cladding of your choice.

Wall Cladding Christchurch

Products – Proudly Locally Sourced

We specialise in a wide variety of roofing and cladding products to suit your individual needs.

Colorsteel Roofing Christchurch
There are many imported products on the market that initially look like COLORSTEEL® but which simply don’t offer the same level of performance. Your warranty documentation and Certificate of Authenticity are proof that you have purchased a genuine product, and that you’re covered by an extensive, comprehensive warranty. There are many options in the Colorsteel® range and we can confidently advise you on the right option for your style and environment


COLORSTEEL® MAXX® is specifically developed to withstand higher atmospheric salt concentrations. That means it’s suited to more extreme living environments, including those located near New Zealand’s harsh coastline.

At almost 1/7th the weight of a concrete tile roof, COLORSTEEL® roofs are a simple, safe and cost-effective way to improve earthquake safety. Structural engineers’ reports after the Canterbury earthquakes also revealed extensive damage to houses caused by tiles coming loose and falling, or by brick chimneys falling through heavy tiled roofs. In contrast, metal roofing generally survived the initial shaking, and the impact of toppling chimneys.

Colorsteel is available in .40-gauge and .55-gauge. While 0.55 is a heavier gauge the warranty for both products is the same. Depending on the profile used the heavier gauge is often favoured as it can reduce the visibility of purlin lines through the roofing. A heavier gauge is also more resistant to denting and is a good solution for schools and high traffic roofs.

The options are many and varied, but we can work with you to identify the right product for you. A product that is pleasing to your eye and guaranteed perfect for your environment.

For more information on COLORSTEEL® go to www.colorsteel.co.nz

We source all of our Coloursteel® products from Roofing Industries LTD, New Zealand’s only owned and operated roofing manufacturing company.

Butynol ®

This product is sourced from Ardex New Zealand Limited with a material Warranty when fixed by trained Butynol Waterproofing Applicators. High and Dry Roofing are proud to be trained and approved applicators.

Butynol roofing Christchurch

ARDEX Butynol® is a synthetic butyl rubber waterproofing membrane with properties which resist ageing from heat, sunlight and ozone. It has excellent gas impermeability, toughness, it remains flexible at low temperatures and is suitable in all climatic zones.

ARDEX Butynol® is used as a single layer membrane in vertical or horizontal applications for waterproofing decks, roofs and gutters. It is primarily applied to the outside of a sub-structure of a building to prevent water ingress.

For more information on Butynol go to www.ardex.co.nz

Repairs, Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines

We provide a Workmanship Guarantee for fixings of five years. Our Long-run COLORSTEEL® and Zincalume come with extensive 25 to 30-year warranties. Alongside these material warranties are maintenance requirements. We can provide you with a minimum maintenance schedule to keep your warranty valid.

We also offer Moss Treatment, Chimney and Skylight Flashings, leak investigation and Repair.

Competitive Service

Get it done, all-in-one We coordinate all aspects of the job from roofing, spouting, scaffolding and more. We stand by our 5 year workmanship guarantee for all work and up to a 30 year manufacturers warranty.


Don’t want to wait? Let us help you simplify the process and ease the financial burden. We have a range of options to suit individual needs.


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